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JeetoPreeto School Doctor HusbandWife Sardar Politics Teacher Police Rajnikant Marriage Arvind Kejriwal Alok Nath Facebook Shayari Navintam General Dilchasp Majedar Navigation through the application is easy and very intuitive. Download this application and have fun. You can Email and SMS jokes you want to share with.Santa Banta Jokes While Jeeto was admitted in a hospital for some ailment, Santa got entangled with an old nurse. One thing led to the other and they ended for a romp in the broom closet at the nursing home. They undressed and were about to screw that the jeeto preeto jokes in hindi

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We bring jokes for you in Hindi font. Jokes play an important role in making our daytoday life stressfree and cheerful. Every person you Santa Banta Pathan Pappu JeetoPreeto School JeetoPreeto Adult and Non veg Restricted, Sardar Jokes and SMS Funny Sardarji SMS, jokes, JeetoPreeto Adult and Non veg Restricted, Sardar Jokes and SMS Funny Sardarji SMS, jokes, JeetoPreeto Hindi sms in Hindi sms ( ):jeeto preeto jokes in hindi Dec 28, 2016 All this funny humour is handpicked by experts to fill your life with fun and laughter! SantaBanta, Chutkule, Cartoons, Friendship, Flirt, Marital Woes, Love, Missing You, Bollywood, Pappu, Jeeto, Preeto, Rajnikanth, Pathan, Funny, Adult, NonVeg and Hindi Jokes and much more in single SantaBanta application.

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Jeeto and Preeto are shopping together at the supermarket. When they get to the vegetables, Jeeto lifts a good sized potato in each hand and says, You know, Preeto, these remind me of Santa's balls. jeeto preeto jokes in hindi Labels: Jokes In English, Jokes In Hindi, Jokes In Punjabi, One Liner Jokes, santa banta chutkule, Santa banta english jokes, Santa banta hindi jokes, Sardar Jokes, Short Jokes Santa n her wife jeeto JeetoPreeto SMS for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Jeeto: I always wanted to get married to an Arab? Preeto: Why? Jeeto: Because Arabs are the most obedient husbands. They always say, 'Habi May 28, 2013 (Hindi Jokes, Hindi Jokes, Hindi Jokes, Hindi Jokes, Chutkule, Chutkule, Chutkule, Chutkule) Doctor: I've got good news and I've got bad news. The bad news is you're showing signs of being a homosexual. Read latest jokes in Hindi. Special series of Santa Banta and Preeto. Also read Rajnikant jokes. Get fresh jokes everyday only on Oneindia.