Sore throat after french kissing

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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Anissian on sore throat after kissing: This could also be other stdsee pcp or ent.Jun 22, 2012 I have dry mouth and sinus. My mouth and tongue are tender, taste buds off, and cankor sore on tongue. I started taking symbicort a month or so ago for a pulmonary problem (slight). My Doctor told me that improper rinsing could result in getting trench mouth but I always have rinsed thourghly and brushed my teeth after using the inhalor. sore throat after french kissing

Feb 07, 2011 After I kiss a new guy, my throat hurts for a long time. The pain in my throat varies from 2 weeks to 3 months. The pain feels really raw in my throat and sometimes it gets so bad that I loose my voice for a while. Drink any amount of water doesn't make it feel better. The thing is though, it's just my

Answer. Yes, you can definitely develop a sore throat from kissing someone. Most sore throats (or pharyngitis) are caused by viral pathogens which are most commonly passed from one person to another through close contact, or the passing of bodily fluids (like kissing). This does not have to be the case, however, as there are definite cases Oct 14, 2013 As long as I can remember I've always gotten a really bad sore throat for a week or two after I started kissing someone new. Well, I got me a new bf and was expecting this sore throat that never came he calls me up this morning and says You got me sick! and tells me he has the same sore throat I normally get.sore throat after french kissing As the sore throat condition persisted I went to see my GP who checked my throat and noticed some redness so gave me some paracetomol and a throat spray. I used it and initially it seemed to be working but because I continued kissing this guy the tablets aren't really working anymore.

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Hello. My boyfriend and I have the same problem. We have been together for a while now and have only just started having headaches after french kissing. So it seems to me to have to do with saliva which is odd. I'm not a medical professional but maybe we could find out any similarities between us. sore throat after french kissing 5 Diseases And Infections You Can Get From Kissing. doctors explain potential infections you can get from kissing, along with exactly what you need to know to stay as safe as possible How can the answer be improved? Two days after french kissing I have a sore throat (feels. Take Tab Tylenol for reliving the throat pain, If you notice fever, than consult your Physician soon. Relist: I still need help. My temperature is normal (less than 98. 6 degrees), my throat feels like is has a lump in it (my tonsils have been removed when I was a boy) Contact your doctor if you have a severe sore throat that doesnt clear up after several days. Adults should seek care when they have a fever that stays at 103 F or higher or a temperature of 100. 4 F that lasts longer than 3 days. Call your doctor to ask about fevers in children. Other reasons to see her: