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Jan 19, 2013  BAMAKO, Mali (AP) West African leaders headed to a special Mali summit in Ivory Coast on Saturday to discuss how to step up their role as the Frenchled military intervention to oust Islamic extremists from power entered its second week.Operation Serval. Operation Serval ( French: Opration Serval) was a French military operation in Mali. The aim of the operation was to oust Islamic militants from the north of Mali, who had begun a push into the center of Mali. Operation Serval followed the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2085 in mali french troops step up role

US to Step Up Aid to Mali Campaign A convoy of up to 50 trucks carrying French troops arrived from the Ivory Coast in preparation for a possible land assault against the rebels. French

Around 4, 000 French troops were gradually deployed to Mali, as well as a small number of U. S. military personnel. Remarkably, only one Frenchman was killed in the intervention a helicopter pilot who was shot down in the early days of the conflict. The United Nations later On 12 January the British government announced that it was deploying two Royal Air Force C17 transport planes in a noncombat role to ferry primarily French but also potentially African forces into mali french troops step up role The German government on Monday unexpectedly offered Paris concrete support as French troops battle Islamist extremists in Mali. Though ruling out a combat role, Germany's military will provide

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Feb 15, 2013 Official Details French Role in Mali. France rushed 4, 000 troops to Mali in January, but French officials have said they plan to progressively hand over responsibility for the bulk of the mission to West African and Malian forces as the terrorist threat is reduced. If a Security Council resolution is approved, as expected, in the coming weeks, in mali french troops step up role U. S. Steps Up Support for French in Mali. We are supporting French efforts with information, airlift, and refueling, and are working with the Department of State to support the deployment of West African forces to the Africanled International Support Mission to Mali, Ham said. Washington meanwhile decided to step up its role in the conflict by helping refuel French warplanes. Washington's decision to agree to France's request for air refuelling facilities came after two In Strategic Shift, French Troops Step Up Role in Mali. In Gao, the largest city in the country's north, Mali's army spent Sunday looking for embedded insurgents, said Diarran Kone, a spokesman for Mali's Defense Ministry, after French and Malian forces set up base on the town's outskirts. U. S. Role in Mali War Is Limited Topic. 24 Posts. Little wouldn't discuss any unarmed U. S. surveillance drones reportedly considered for use over Mali at French request. Nor would he discuss the use of any specialoperations forces in the conflict. Im glad to see the US taking a support role. I hope other African Nations step up to