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Louisiana Cajun French and Creole. It is important to remember that the French language is spoken variantly in many places throughout the world, including Europe, Africa, the West Indies, and the former Indochina, as well as North America. Considering this variety in the Francophone World has begun to eliminate the value judgmentsCajuns are a group of people largely residing in southern Louisiana, a region rich with the history of several cultures. Descended from the Acadians, French settlers from Atlantic Canada, today they celebrate a diverse and vibrant culture unlike any other. Cajun History. french cajun culture in louisiana

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Culture. Cajuns are Frenchspeaking Acadian refugees, driven from their homes in Acadie (now Nova Scotia) by the British in 1755. They settled along the swamps and bayous after wandering for 10 years along the Atlantic seaboard. They quickly adapted to their strange new environment and were soon harvesting crawfish, shrimp, crabs, and oysters. Louisiana French (French: franais de la Louisiane, Louisiana Creole: fran la lwizyn), also known as Cajun French (French: franais cadienfranais cadjin) is a variety of the French language spoken traditionally in colonial Lower Louisiana but as of today it is primarily used in the U. S. state of Louisiana, specifically in the southern parishesfrench cajun culture in louisiana Cajun culture was so strong and embracing that no matter the national origin of an inhabitant, people would speak French rather than English which was actually called American and a put down was to call someone un amricain which is the Cajun way of saying someone is a redneck.

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Cajun French is the term generally used to describe the variety of French spoken in South Louisiana. It originates in the language spoken by the French and Acadian people who settled in Louisiana from its early period of European colonization in the 17th century through later waves of french cajun culture in louisiana South Louisiana. Today's Cajun culture resulted from the blending of several groups, primarily the Acadians, the descendants of French Acadians who were expelled from Nova Scotia by the British in 1755 and who began arriving in Louisiana in 1765. Two