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FrenchThai War ( ) During World War II, Thailand took the opportunity of French weaknesses to reclaim previously lost territories, resulting in the FrancoThai War between October 1940 and 9 May 1941. The Thai forces generally did well on the ground, but Thai objectives in the war were limited.See FrancoThai War Wikipedia, FrancoSiamese War Wikipedia. The French Indochina which comprised Vietnam (Tonkin, Annam and Cochinchina) and Cambodia was formed in 1887. Laos was later added to the French Indochina territory. french-indochina war thailand

French Indochina. After the Japanese surrender, the Viet Minh, a communist organization led by H Ch Minh, declared Vietnamese independence, but France subsequently took back control of French Indochina. An allout independence war, known as the First Indochina War, broke out in late 1946 between French and Viet Minh forces.

French Indochina in World War II. As part of the Allied fighting against the Japanese, the Chinese formed a nationalist resistance movement, the Dong Minh Hoi (DMH); this included Communists, but was not controlled by them. When this did not provide the Vietnam War In Vietnam War: French rule ended, Vietnam divided The French Indochina War broke out in 1946 and went on for eight years, with Frances war effort largely funded and supplied by the United States. Finally, with their shattering defeat by the Viet Minh atfrench-indochina war thailand Indochina: First Indochina War. During World War II, Japanese occupationwhose policies, it must be noted in this study of the impacts of violence on civilian groups, resulted in a devastating famine in 1945 [i effectively ended French Colonial administration of the area known as Indochina, which included presentday Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

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In late 1940 and early 1941 the Vichy French in Indochina and Thailand fought a short, bitter and now forgotten war. The conflict, over Thai claims to territories annexed by France, has been noteworthy to military historians solely because of a surprising French naval victory. french-indochina war thailand Thai aircraft bombed the airfield at Angkor near Siem Reap, Cambodia, French Indochina; the resulting dogfights would be the final air battle of the FrancoThai War. 28 Jan 1941: B10 medium bombers of the Thai 50th Bomber Squadron, escorted by 13 Hawk 75N fighters of the Thai 60th Fighter Squadron, bombed Sisophon, Cambodia, French Indochina.