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Imperial and Royal Army during the Napoleonic Wars. The Imperial and Royal or Imperial Austrian Army ( German: Kaiserlichknigliche Armee, abbreviation K. K. Armee ) was strictly speaking, the armed force of the Holy Roman Empire under its last monarch, the Habsburg Emperor Francis II, although in reality,The Napoleonic Wars: The 1805 Battle of Austerlitz. On December 2, 1805, Napoleons Grand Arme of 73, 000 troops fought approximately 86, 000 coalition soldiers at Austerlitz. A month earlier, the French army had marched victoriously into the Austrian capital of Vienna. During the approach to Austerlitz Napoleon demonstrated his tactical genius, french austrian war 1805

Napoleonic Wars. At sea, the British inflicted a severe defeat in the Battle of Trafalgar in October 1805 upon the joint FrancoSpanish navy, securing British control of the seas and preventing the invasion of Britain itself. Prussian concerns about increasing French power led to a resumption of war

Battle of Austerlitz. Pressburg took Austria out of both the war and the Coalition while reinforcing the earlier treaties of Campo Formio and of Lunville between the two powers. The treaty confirmed the Austrian loss of lands in Italy and Bavaria to France, and in Germany to Napoleon's German allies. Nov 19, 2017  We are continuing our documentary series on the Napoleonic Wars and this time we are covering the land portion of the War of third Coalition (1805) infrench austrian war 1805 The Austrian War, 1809 Their terms of the agreement were very favorable to the Emperor of the French three million of Francis' subjects (out of sixteen million) become subjects of Napoleon

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RussoAustroFrench War of 1805. Austria withdrew from the war and signed the separate Treaty of Pressburg with France. The Russian forces were recalled to Russia. At sea, the FrancoSpanish fleet was defeated at the battle of Trafalgar. The landing of allied troops at Naples and in northern Germany ended without result, and the troops were withdrawn. french austrian war 1805 How can the answer be improved? He defeated both at the famous Battle of Austerlitz on December 2, 1805. Austria concluded peace immediately (Treaty of Pressburg, December 26, 1805), while Russia continued the war. In this treaty Austria gave up Venice to Napoleons Italian kingdom, Tirol to Bavaria, and a number of other lands to Napoleons clients. September 23, 1805 Napoleon declares war on Austria. September 25 October 20, 1805 Battle of Ulm. French victory. October 25, 1805 France drives the Austrian army from Munich. November 13, 1805 French troops enter Vienna, Austria. December 2, 1805 Battle of Austerlitz. French victory. The Austrian Army of 1805. The Austrian army of 1805 was in large measure the creation of the unfortunate General Mack, the outgeneralled commander of the Emperor Francis IIs army at Ulm. A Protestant something of a rarity in itself in Catholic Austria he had emerged to note in 1794 by writing Instructions for Generals,