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animal experiment, animal fat, animal liberationist, animal lover animal farm : examples and translations in context It is reminiscent of Orwell's Animal Farm,Translation for 'Animal Farm' in the free EnglishFrench dictionary and many other French translations. animal farm french translation

en The following proportions were high for the yersiniosis cases compared to the other enteric cases: drinking untreated water, swimming in a lake, drinking unpasteurized milk, eating in a restaurant, contact with dogs (household pets, visited farm animal and onfarm animal), living in a rural area, and onfarm animal exposure (cattle, pigs and horses).

Translations in context of animal farm in EnglishFrench from Reverso Context: humane farm animal care The author of translation requested proofreading. It means that heshe will be happy to receive corrections, suggestions etc about the translation. If you are proficient in both languages of the language pair, you are welcome to leave your comments.animal farm french translation A farm is an area of land consisting of fields and buildings, where crops are grown or animals are raised.

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Animal farm french translation free

Translation of animal from the Collins English to French Making adjectives agree 1 The basic rules In dictionaries, regular French adjectives are usually shown in the masculine singular form. animal farm french translation More: English to French translation of Animal farm. Animal farm in German. Farm der Tiere, whrend des Zweiten Weltkriegs von George Orwell geschriebener Roman, der 1945 verffentlicht wurde, es handelt sich um die Geschichte einer Gruppe Tiere, die die Menschen aus einer Farm verscheuchen und diese dann unter Gewalt und Tyrannei selbst